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Check "Who's Who in the Bee Yard" (provided by Bee Culture) to find beekeeper associations and apiculture extension addresses in your state or province.
   The following beekeepers have indicated by advertisements, listing with extension sources, or with us that they have bees available for pollination. Any beekeepers who want to correct or update their entry, be added to the list, or be removed, should contact us.

DISCLAIMER: This list is for informational purposes only, and no recommendation is made or implied by this listing. We are not responsible for errors. Some listings are outdated, and updates are appreciated.

should be aware that there are con artists in the pollination business, and even could possibly be listed here. References should be checked and inspections of the bees is a good idea.  Growers should also be aware that most pollination beekeepers are fully booked long before the crop blooms. Tentative orders for fruit bloom should be made by February at the latest, and bees for cucurbits should be ordered at planting. No provision can be made to remove a name, simply because the beekeeper is completely booked.  Note that a number of pollination beekeepers have asked NOT to be included on the list, because they are always tapped out.....

Listings are not advertisements, and listings submitted with advertising language will be edited. Information is provided by listees or third parties, and corrections are welcome.  Anyone who wished to add, modify, or remove a listing should send an e-mail to Give business name, person in charge of pollination, e-mail or web site address, mailing address and phone, hives available, how far you'll go and what crops you'll do.

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Western US state lists: 

A list of northwestern US pollinators can  be found at Luckiamute Bee

Another list by the Oregon State Beekeepers Association

 Arizona      Arkansas   California    Colorado      Idaho    Iowa     Kansas        Minnesota       Missouri

 Montana       Nebraska   Nevada    New Mexico   North Dakota     Oklahoma   Oregon     South Dakota  

 Texas    Utah      Wyoming       Washington

Eastern US state lists:

Alabama      Connecticut      Delaware     Florida       Georgia      Illinois       Indiana

Louisiana      Maine   Maryland       Massachussets       Michigan       Mississippi

New Hampshire     New Jersey     New York      North Carolina      Ohio         Pennsylvania        Rhode Island

South Carolina       Tennessee     Wisconsin      Vermont       Virginia        West Virginia

CANADA:        Nationwide honey producers list (includes some pollinators)

Alberta       British Columbia     New Brunswick    Ontario    Quebec   Saskatchewan

















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