A sample contract we used in our business for many years)

Pollination Order and Agreement
(Name and Address of business

(Business, home, cell, phone numbers)
(March - June - We are in the field much of the time - most likely to be home for calls 5-7 am or 9-11pm)

Fruit / Vegetable Grower_____________________________________________



Order for _____ hives, for the blossom period of ______________________________, the approximate bloom

dates being ________________ to_________________. Second crop ________________to________________

In consideration of $________________ at _________________ and $___________________upon delivery.
(deposit) (date) (remainder)

Terms: Bees and equipment are contracted for the purpose of pollination only, and remain the exclusive property of
beekeeper. The bees are to be delivered by the beekeeper, placed in or adjacent to the field or orchard so as to
provide bees to cross pollinate the blossoms, and removed thereafter. Beekeeper shall have access to the bees at all
times, and may remove them if their well-being is threatened.

    Beekeeper will open a representative sampling for grower's inspection, if requested, upon arrival. No other
person may open the hives without beekeeper's permission, except an official South Carolina state bee inspector.
Hives may be moved only with beekeeper's permission, and under conditions agreed upon.

    Actual date above are understood to be approximations. Grower shall contact beekeeper 4 to 7 days in
advance of actual bloom dates, as determined by weather, planting dates, etc. Often there is a rush of growers, all
wanting bees at the same time. If bees can be placed in advance, please check here_______.

    Grower shall give at least 48 hours notice for removal. Lacking this, beekeeper shall remove the bees at
his convenience, after the blossom period. In some cases, where conditions are suitable, and bees can be
conveniently worked, bees are kept on the farm year around.

    Hives shall be located for mutual convenience and the well being of the bees. Preferably the site(s) shall
provide at least partial shade and proximity to water. If possible, grower may provide pallets or old tires to keep
bees off ground. Grower shall assist beekeeper, if he bogs on muddy farm roads.

    Bees shall be healthy, queenright colonies, standardized to 5-6 frames of brood in one deep brood chamber
or equivalent, and may or may not have supers. Grower shall notify beekeeper, if hives have poor flight patterns.
Beekeeper will check, and promptly replace, if more than 5% of the colonies are queenless, have foulbrood disease,
or have less than 5 frames of brood. Growers are requested, as much as possible, to avoid taking beekeeper on
rough, rutted roads, as this can cause queen loss. Beekeeper shall not be responsible, if weakness is a result of
pesticide damage, and pesticide misuse by grower (application in violation of bee protection instructions on the
pesticide label) shall void the contract.

    Grower shall read and follow directions on pesticide labels pertaining to bees (as required by law), and
wherever possible, shall encourage his neighbors to do likewise.

Liability: Growers liability is limited to the fair market value of the bees and equipment, and shall apply fully in
cases of violations of this contract or negligence on his part or farm employees, such as, but not limited to collisions
with farm implements, fire, pesticide misuse, etc. Damages caused by factors outside grower's control, such as 
vandalism or theft by trespassers, bear loss, etc., shall be split 50-50 with beekeeper. Grower is responsible
to notify beekeeper of damage or loss, upon discovery, and if he has knowledge of any human
perpetrator, to provide the information he has. For the purpose of this contract, values are established as follows.
Loss of bees with no damage to equipment $25. Loss of hive brood box, cover, and bottom board - $20. Each
additional super - $7. If grower prefers bees to be removed immediately after bloom, please indicate date when bees
are no longer needed. _______________________________. If filled in, grower's liability ends at noted date,
except for wilful acts.

    Beekeeper's liability is limited to the price of the contract, and shall apply only in cases of violations of
this contract, or negligence on his part. Because production is affected by many factors, no warrantee is expressed
or implied concerning production of any crop.

    Grower shall notify employees and other affected persons of the presence of the bees and the normal
hazards of stinging. Grower shall assume responsibility for any problems that arise from stings. Beekeeper shall try
to remove excessively mean colonies from pollination use, however, occasionally a colony requeens itself and
becomes crossed with nasty wild bees. If a colony stings repeatedly without provocation, beekeeper shall replace
same, upon notification.

    Where applicable, grower is requested to notify field crews that bees are for pollination, not honey
production, that they are treated with pesticides and medications, and that honey from these hives may be toxic as
human food. (This also helps reduce thefts of honey frames, which weaken hives, and may cause starvation of the

    I hereby enclose my order and deposit. I have read the terms of this agreement and will abide by them.

______________________________________________ _________________________________
(Signature of Grower)              (Date)

RATES:    1-7 hives . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ Rate
        8-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rate
    (Full season special for two or more crops, same fields: $36 additional, if paid at beginning of
first pollination, otherwise, same as spring crop, for each crop.)
TERMS: Confirmed orders (priortity in case of shortage) - 20% Deposit. Payment in full at delivery.
Criedit only by prior arrangement. Delinquent accounts subject to 1% interest per month and
collection costs.
DELIVERY FEES: Delivery is free within 50 miles of (home base). Call for
prices and minimum order outside that range. Prices subject to change if major changes occur in our
costs that are beyond our control.
We are pollination specialists; our bees are managed for best pollination effect, rather than honey
production. If you like our service, tell your neighbor; if you have a problem, tell us. Thanks.

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