Other Beneficial Insects: Predators and Parasites of Pests
See Also the Hymenoptera Section
Beneficial Insect Vendors     (down for repairs)


University of Nebraska Beneficial Insect Photos    Awesome Photos!
Our Own Beneficial Insect Photos  Increasing numbers of good guy photos at The Pollination Home Page  (down for repairs)
Clemson University Entomology Department Photos of Beneficial Insects   SC    What! No Pollinators...


Beneficial Insects Research Guide  University of Illinois
Biological and Integrated Pest Control     University of California  For Serious Students!
Biological Control News     WI
National Biological Control Institute    USDA
Biological Control Virtual Information Center  NC
Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America   Cornell - NY
Illinois Beneficial Insect Photos
The Paw Paw Patch: Biodiversity in Your Back Yard:
Phorid Flies to Control Fire Ants
Raising and Caring for Mantids   UK
Mass Rearing of Beneficial Insects a discussion group
Beneficial Insects Introduction Research    USDA Agricultural Research Service  Delaware
Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers Also their membership list contains some vendors of biological controls


Good Wasps  Jim Hammonds notes on beneficial wasps (click on the pics to enlarge them)
A photo of a Paper Wasp
Photo of Polistes Wasp making nest
Wasp Cocoons  (photo and info) on a tobacco worm
Trichogramma manual for cotton pest protection
Organ Pipe Wasps, AKA Mud Daubers, AKA Blue Devils photos of wasps, nests, brood and prey.


Photos of Ladybug eating aphids
Lady Beetles
Don't Bring in Asian Ladybugs!


Bug Bios
Digital Dragonfly Museum
Dragonfly photos
Odonata Links on the World Wide Web
Robber Fly    This site has 6 very clear digital images.
Robber Fly Images  Lots of detailed info also


A list of biodiversity links from The Northern Prarie Research Center