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Pesticide Misuse

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Pesticide laws require that applications of toxic materials be done when bees are not visiting in the application area.  Many applications on blooming cotton fields are illegally done without checking to see what hours the bees visit. Bees that are exposed in the fields, or that pick up poisoned food, will be killed. Pesticide misuse can only be stopped by enforcement of pesticide laws. It is the worst hazard commercial beekeepers face today,  because we have no control over neighbors actions.
Varroa Mites A new parasite has killed off most wild honeybees, and domestic bees that recieve indifferent care. This "bloodsucker" gets on the developing baby bees and causes them to be born weak and deformed, often without wings. Good beekeepers can control this parastite.
varroa.jpg (53047 bytes) Can you spot the piggybacking "vampire" who is riding along to look for another baby bee?

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